2023 VT Completed in 2024

This course provides 8.5 hours of verifiable training set in 2023. It includes the 1.5 hour Code of Conduct  mandatory course plus 7 hours of electives. Please note you also need to complete the other 1.5 hour mandatory course Te Kakano (The Seed) through a specialised provider appointed by the REA. For details to enrol in this course please refer to rea.govt.nz

What's included?

2023VT completed in 2024(2hrs)Sale & Purchase Agreements-Common Issues and Best PractiseV2

A comprehensive course covering the S&P Agreement with common issues arising and best practice.

2023VT Completed in 2024
(1.5hrs)Code of Conduct,
Misrepresentation and Fair TradingV2

An introduction to the REA Act (Professional Conduct and Client Care) Rules 2012 and other relevant legislation..

2023VT completed in 2024 (1.5hrs) Physical Property InspectionV3

This course provides knowledge and understanding of a physical inspection including identifying and associated inspections of key aspects of land, like boundaries, building line restrictions and coastal zoning.

2023VT completed in 2024(1.5hrs) Other LawsV1

A discussion of other acts that impact real estate licensees in their day to day activities.

2023VT completed in 2024(1hr) Issues Beyond the BoundaryV3

This topic explains what is meant by ‘issues beyond the boundary’ and discusses your disclosure obligations as a licensee, to both the vendor and the prospective purchaser, including when to refer to specialists.

2023VT completed in 2024(1hr)
Disclosure AddendumV1

This topic reviews what disclosure means and important legislation and rules relating to disclosure.