Meet the team

Malcolm Morris

Director and Presenter
Malcolm is the owner and director of Agents TV Limited. He has worked in real estate since 1989 and has been a salesperson, agency owner and auctioneer. His passion is to provide high quality education resources.

Mark Hayes

Mark is the head of the video production at Agents TV.
He has been doing photography since the mid 1970's when it was developed in a dark room. Mark gained a certificate in electronic multimedia and then founded Bus Tunnel Studios recording local musicians and then video since 2003.

Jessie MacEwan

Content Creation Assistant
Jessie in 2024 is in her final semester of completing a LLB(Hons) degree from Victoria University.
She has worked for Agents TV thru 2023 and 2024 assisting in the development
of training content for both verifiable and non verifiable education. She has a strong interest
in Environmental Law and legal issues relating to social issues such as Gender, Diversity,
and Inclusion. Agents TV appreciates the perspective she brings to the resources we develop.

Kirsty Hamilton

Client Support and Administration
Kirsty has worked in both the insurance and real estate industries over the years. Her experience as both a personal assistant to a licensee and agency owner, and a real estate licensee herself, means she understands the importance of on-going professional education and development for those working the industry.
Kirsty assists in the creation and implementation of our on-line programs and licensees enrollments.

Education Providers to the Real Estate Industry