Refresher 2024 Bundle

A bundle created for those that are reactivating their real estate licence. This bundle contains all of the subjects that need to be completed in the refresher course. Please do not enrol in this bundle unless you have written instructions from the REA to complete. 

What's included?

Refresher 2024 AML : Due Diligence (1.5hrs)V3.1

This topic looks at due diligence and the requirements under the government authorities and identification of clients.

Refresher 2024 Agency Agreements (1.5hrs)V3.1

This topic reviews the six principles of contract and how they apply to agency agreements.

Refresher 2024 Disclosure Addendum (1hr)V1

This topic reviews both the vendors and licensees' disclosure requirements.

Refresher 2024 Know the Property (2hrs)V1

Discusses the research required on a property at listing time and the key focus when asking questions of the seller.

Refresher 2024 Disclosure : Obligations to your Client and Customer (2hrs)V4

This topic reviews what disclosure means and important legislation and rules relating to disclosure.

Refresher 2024 Ethics (2hrs)V1

Learn the meaning of professional competency, conduct, ethics and best practice.